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Creative Director: Jesse James
Art Direction, Photo-retouching, and Catalog Design: Hillary Ramos
Designed at Aesthetic Movement
Photos © Sir|Madam: Styled by Pam Morris and Aesthetic Movement; Photography by Kate Sears

Art-direction of image assets, and design of catalog, for Sir|Madam’s Fall-Winter 2020 product launch. Peas in the peace colander, colorful health drinks and fun fruit in and atop traditional handmade Turkish glassware, and texturetexturetexture with every surface possible made for a delightful, quick-moving shoot and deliverables ready in time for sales’ show-season. We took a more modish approach shooting three major introductions – the Rialto Glass, Ozu Ceramic, and Teak-Root Wood Collections – balancing the ability to marry well into the established visual tone of the brand’s current and past product offerings. With a strong focus on domesticity and entertaining, Sir|Madam evokes classic motifs and historical references in an easy, modern way. The products are designed to be timeless, easily fitting within the range of styles in today’s eclectic, collected interiors.


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